Tucson Moving Tips

Tucson Moving Tips

...for your peace of mind

Moving your home or your office would be easier if life just stopped while you were in the moving process. Because life goes on, using our moving companies 25+ years of experience, we put together some tips to make your life easier and stress free during your Tucson moving process.

Tips to Scheduling Your Moving Day

As with most things in life, good organization goes a long way to making your moving day stress free.

Make sure you schedule your move on a day when at least one person from the household can be there when our movers load and unload.
If moving your belongings requires use of an elevator, please notify the building manager and reserve the elevator. This will prevent complications, as well as insure your moving schedlue stays on track. Please let us know what hours are reserved for the movers and we will schedule accordingly.

Suggestions for Packing Your Belongings

IMPORTANT: Small items of value, such as jewelry, coins, and expensive breakable objects should not be placed in the moving van. Keep them with you. Likewise, keep all of your medication handy and with you.

  • You will always want to use sturdy cartons with tops and pack them within a manageable weight. This will make it easier for you to unpack and move boxes from room to room.
  • Please use small boxes for books; boxes should be no larger than 12" x 12" x 18".
  • You will want to tape boxes closed and clearly label each one to show where it will go when delivered to your destination.
  • Properly Marked Moving Boxes in TucsonDon't use plastic bags, open containers, or baskets to pack your goods.
  • Always empty file cabinets and desk drawers, and pack contents into small boxes.
  • If possible please disassemble your beds, mirrors, stereos, TVs, VCRs, washers and dryers when possible to save time.
  • Before moving, empty drawers of all heavy or breakable items.
  • If you are taking your draperies and curtains with you, take them down along with wall hangings and pictures.
  • Plese keep breakable items together in one place and mark the containers "Fragile."
  • Never pack perishable food items. If you do, move them quickly in your own vehicle.
For long distance moves we suggest donating the pershible food items to The Gospel Rescue Mission, The Salvation Army, or your chosen not for profit organization. Upon our arrival at your current residence , please tell us of any special requests you may have and review the driver's paperwork before the move begins.

Please note: Flammable items such as paint, gasoline, or lighter fluid may not be placed on the moving van. Safely dispose of these items before you move.

Please keep Children and pets at a safe distance.

Need Boxes?

Finding enough sturdy boxes and packing materials for all your possessions can be frustrating. If you would like to avoid the cost of purchasing all new boxes, but don't have the time to scavenge the neighborhood for clean, used cartons, don't worry. Nicolosi Moving & Storage has new and used packing boxes for sale at affordable prices, as well as packing paper and tape. Even better — if you are in the Tucson area, we will deliver them to you free of charge! Just give us a call at 722-0456.